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Installation ERROR




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    Brandon Takahashi

    Hi Tassnime,


    We are seeing some odd activity on our side in regards to this submission, including a comment that I can't currently see. If you would please email if you did leave a comment and the issue is continuing we should be able to help you from there as well.



    Brandon T.

  • Brandon Takahashi

    Hi Tassnime,


    I believe you got this worked out on your own before we could comment here, but I would like to leave an answer still. Most often an interruption in the install process occurs when Excel gets opened during install. Most often this will happen after the first Install Shield wizard pops up, which will remain for a short period, close, and it will look like nothing further is occurring.

    It it important to note that a second install shield wizard is "on its way" after the first one closes, and Excel must remain closed for the duration of the install process.

    In rarer occasions:

    A user may accidentally press the space bar or enter key on their keyboard with the Install Shield Wizard as the "active window", which may "press" the cancel button without needing a mouse click.

    A user may lose Internet Access during the install process. Our install is a "web installer" that does "pull" some required files from a server to complete the process.

    In any case, restarting the install process once the previous one is completely closed out should get you past that error, provided a second install is not being executed at the same time.



    Brandon T.


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